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Our Projects

Welcome to Prism Glass's Commercial Glass Projects Showcase! At Prism Glass, we invite you to explore a carefully curated collection of our commercial glass installations. Our work reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the art of architectural glass.

Our portfolio features a diverse array of commercial glass projects, from contemporary designs to timeless classics, each meticulously executed with precision and creativity. We believe that glass can transform spaces and elevate aesthetics, and our projects exemplify this belief.

Please take a moment to browse through our gallery.   Click on the picture-links below to delve deeper into our expertise and discover the beauty and functionality of our commercial glass installations.


3501 Fruitridge Ave Walker, MI 

General Contractor: Wolverine Building Group

Architect: WBG

General Contractor : Wolverine Building Group

Location: 6030 Clyde Park SW Byron Twp., MI

Architect: Wolverine

Axis (16).JPG
Byron Center Retail (15).JPG

Year: 2022-2023

General Contractor:  CD Barnes

Location:  525 84th St., Byron Center, MI

Year: 2017-2018

General Contractor:  CopperRock

Architect:  Create 3 Architecture

Location:  1025 Clancy Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

clancy msd.JPG
Cold-link Logistics- Holland (20).JPG

Year: 2022

Location: 1870 Transport Ln, Holland, MI 49423

General Contractor: Tippmann Group

Architect: PDM

Location: ColdQuest, (Ransom St, Holland, MI)

General Contractor: Tippmann Construction, LLC.  ( 

ColdQuest (27).JPG
Counter Solutions (14).JPG

Year: 2022

Location:  8800 Byron Commerce Dr SW, Byron Center

General Contractor:  Wolverine Building Group

Architect:  Wolverine 

Year: 2022

Location:  Black River Dr, Holland, MI

General Contractor:  FCC construction

Architect:  SVB Reckley Architects

DJ's Landscaping (4).JPG

Location:1035 Spaulding Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

General Contractor:  First Company

Year: 2018
Location: Hudsonville, MI
General Contractor:  Copperrock Construction
Architect:   MEM Designs


Year: 2018

Location: 1300 Market Ave  Grand Rapids, MI 49505

General Contractor:  Wolverine Building Group

Architect:   Century A/E

Location:  3440 John F Donnelly Drive, Holland, MI, 

General Contractor:  Lakewood Construction.

Impact Fab Inc, 3440 (6).JPG
Jamestown Square (15).JPG

Year: 2019

Location:  3686 32nd Ave, Hudsonville, MI 49426

General Contractor : Copperrock Construction, 

Architect: MEM Designs

Year 2023

Location:  Hudsonville

General Contractor: CD Barns

Architect: Moxie

Keegstras (2).JPG
20190403_Land_and_Sea_DSC_0555 (2).jpg

Year: 2018

Location: 40th St. Kentwood, MI

General Contractor:  Copperrock Construction 

Architect:   MEM Designs

Year: 2022

Location: 13170 Ransom St, Holland, MI 

General Contractor:  Lakewood Construction

Architect: Lakewood Construction

Liberty Plastics (1).JPG

Year: 2018

Location:  3627 Baldwin St, Hudsonville, MI 49426

General Contractor:  CopperRock Contruction

Architect: MEM Designs

Year: 2018

Location:  4765 Canal Ave S.W., Grandville, MI 

People Driving Technology (18).JPG

Year: 2018

Location: 6300 Venture Hills Blvd SW, Byron Center, MI 49315

General Contractor:  First Company,  6355 East Paris Ave SE; Caledonia, MI 49316


Year: 2022

General Contractor: First Company

Location: 2555 Oak Industrial Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Architect:  Dixson Architecture

Proos (8).JPG
Perrigo- Highpoint DC- 350 E 64th St (1).JPG

Year: 2022

Location:  64th St Holland, MI 49423

General Contractor:  Wolverine Building Group

Architect:  Wolverine Building Group

Location: Holland, MI

General Contractor: Dan Vos Construction.


Request Foods- Quincy Street Plant (8).JPG
Valduga Business Center (3).JPG

Year: 2021

General Contractor: Wolverine Building Group    

Location: 6172 Valduga Dr. Byron Center, MI 49315        
Architect: Wolverine Building Group 

Location: 6172 Valduga Dr. Byron Center, MI 49315        

General Contractor: Wolverine Building Group    
Architect: Wolverine Building Group 

Valduga C6 (8).JPG
Trailer Equipment Inc  (2a).JPG

Year:  2023

Location:  290 92nd Avenue SW, Byron Center, MI 49315

General Contractor:  Wolverine Building Group

Year: 2021

Location:  Byron Center, MI

General Contractor:  First Companies

Wilkast Headquarters (2).JPG
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