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  • This page exists to help architects who want recommendations or information about products, methods and processes for the installation of glass products.

  • There are a lot of misconceptions about glass products that make choosing the right product difficult. Sometimes it seems as if the options are forcing a decision between two faulty products. It is common to feel that "all glass structures all leak". Adding "leaky" products knowingly makes it feel like the job is not being fully done.

  • These misconceptions make it feel like there is not a very good solution.

  • These systems are designed not to leak and if installed correctly, they won't!

  • We  have fixed many of these "leaks" or "faulty" glass installations.  We are informed of the problems and know the solutions, which in most cases means: installing glass products right in the first place.

  • To Architects: We believe architects should be able to feel confident when picking a glass installer, so we want to help by teaching a few simple techniques to look for and questions to ask potential installers. This will help you develop an eye for what is right, so you can have more confidence in your projects and choose the right installer easier.


  • We recommend that you check out the videos that we post.

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